Minor change from past years

Those planning to attend the PAPC this year who have attended in the last may want to note a slight change in conference logistics.  Where past meetings were held in the Burnett Center on W&J’s campus, that venue is booked for another event this year.  Instead, both morning and afternoon PAPC events will be held in the Swanson Science Center and Dieter-Porter Hall.  Both are just a short walk down Grant St. from the parking lot and Burnett Center.  (Click to enlarge the image below.)


For those attending the PAPC for the first time, this will all be new anyway.  If you have been here before, just be sure not to wander into the other event in your pre-caffeinated state.  Philosophy will be in short supply over there!

For those planning to drive this year, remember that it’s best to navigate to 236 E. Maiden St.  Technically off campus, but it delivers you right to the visitor parking lot.

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Working Group Abstracts

Working groups have now been organized for this year’s PAPC, and abstracts are available here.

Those who plan to attend the PAPC are welcome to sit in with working groups in the morning, even if they do not have papers up for discussion. Reviewing the abstracts might be a way to decide if you would choose to do so. If you would like to sit in and are not already a member of a group, please contact Michael Wolf (mwolf@washjeff.edu), who will put you in touch with the group’s leader.

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You have reached the new online home of the Pittsburgh Area Philosophy Colloquium! The menu links above will lead you to all the important details.  We hope to see you in September.

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