This is the online home of the Pittsburgh Area Philosophy Colloquium.  We meet in September each year for a one-day conference aimed at bringing philosophers from around the world to our neighborhood and to foster community among the philosophers in this region.

The PAPC has had success with a somewhat uncommon format in recent years, splitting the day of the conference into two different types of sessions.  The morning sessions consist of four concurrent working groups, organized roughly on the themes of Ethics, Analytic Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Feminism and Gender, and History. (These groups are frequently large enough to merit splitting into further sub-groups based on more specific areas of interest.)  Those wishing to have a working paper considered for discussion need only submit an abstract (200 words max), and be willing, if selected, to make the full paper available to conference participants by August 15.

The afternoon sessions include APA-style colloquium papers (20 minute paper followed by a commentary and general discussion). To apply for one of these sessions, please submit a paper of 3000 words or less – ready for blind review – with an abstract (200 words max). Papers in any area of philosophy are invited for consideration as colloquium papers.

For more information on the next event, click “Upcoming Meeting” above.  To submit your work for consideration, click “Submissions.”

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  1. Hi… what is the deadline to submit paper for the afternoon session?

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