2017 Pittsburgh Area Philosophy Colloquium Schedule

Working Groups

9:00 – 12:00





Keynote Address

1:00 – 2:15, Burnett 114 (Yost Auditorium)

“The Practical Significance of Collective Reasons for Individual Agents”

Abraham Roth, The Ohio State University

Dr. Roth is Professor of Philosophy at The Ohio State University. He joined the faculty there in 2006, and has also taught at the University of Illinois at Chicago, UCLA. Much of his research focuses on philosophy of action, collective intentionality, and the work of David Hume. His work has appeared in Ethics, Noûs, Philosophical Review, Philosophical Studies, and Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, among others.

Session A

Burnett 114 (Yost Auditorium)


“Macabre Fascination as a Virtue”

Marius Pascale, Seton Hall University

Comments: Brian McLean, The Ohio State University

Chair: Robert Sharp, Muskingum University


3:30 Break


“Seeing What’s Right”

David Kaspar, St. John’s University

Comments: Kate Johnson, Bellarmine University

Chair: Robert Sharp, Muskingum University

4:45 Break


“Deontology Revived”

Nathan Wood, University of Georgia

Comments: Robert Sharp, Muskingum University

Chair: Donald Bruckner, Penn State – New Kensington


Session B

Burnett 109


“Uncertainty, Belief and Ethical Risk”

Jamie Fritz, The Ohio State University

Comments: Matthew Shields, Georgetown University

Chair: Carlin Chruscicki, Ohio University


3:30 Break


“On the Possibility of Mapping Bodily Shape in Terms of Fractal Geometry in Leibniz’s System”

Kimberly Tucker, Duquesne University

Comments: Shoshana Brassfield, Frostburg State University

Chair: Gregg Osborne, Washington and Jefferson College


4:45 Break


“A Puzzle About Inference in Spinoza”

Galen Berry, Iona College

Comments: Martin Krahn, Duquesne University

Chair: Gregg Osborne, Washington and Jefferson College


Session C

Burnett 103


“A Problem for Hypothetical Priors”

Lisa Cassell, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Comments: Will Nalls, Carnegie Mellon University

Chair: Michael P. Wolf, Washington and Jefferson College


3:30 Break


“Parsimony and Semantic Monism”

Adam Podlaskowski, Fairmont State University

Comments: Geoff Georgi, West Virginia University

Chair: Evan Woods
, The Ohio State University


4:45 Break


“How Many Orcs Did Tolkien Create? Advice for Fictional Realists”

Brendan Murday, Ithaca College

Comments: Cruz Davis, Virginia Polytechnic and State University

Chair: Andrew Winters, Slippery Rock University


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