2017 PAPC Registration Page

Here, you can both both pre-register for this year’s conference, and sign up to join us at the banquet on the evening of September 9th. We have PayPal links below for various registration options, and we’ll email you receipts after the conference. (We’re working on other payment options, such as Google Wallet. Check back later or contact us if you strongly prefer those.)

Lunch on campus and refreshments are included with your registration. We have made it part of our mission to contain costs for graduate students who attend, so there is no conference registration fee for them.  Dinner is held at a local restaurant, and we have worked out a flat fee for all who attend of $30. (There is also a cash bar at the restaurant.) Graduate students who are attending the conference but not the dinner thus owe us no fees at all, but pre-registering here helps us get a head count and is appreciated.

The PayPal buttons below will take you to their site, where you can make a payment to us. Note that each option has a set dollar amount, so you need to click only one such button.  Below this are two additional fields for your name and email. Submitting those will take you off of this page, so be sure to click ‘submit’ on those last. (Depending on your browser and device, you may need to click your way back from the PayPal site to pre-register once your payment is submitted.)


Registration only ($10):
Buy Now Button

Registration and Banquet ($40):
Buy Now Button

Graduate students:

Registration only: no charge!

Registration and Banquet ($30):
Buy Now Button

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