2016 PAPC Schedule

The full schedule for the 2016 Pittsburgh Area Philosophy Colloquium (to be held on Saturday, September 10th) is now available.  Click below for more details.

Working Groups

9:00 – 12:00

Analytic 1 (Burnett 309)

Julia Haas, Quinn Harr, Ben Henke, Samuel Kampa, Eric LaRock, Kevin Richardson

Analytic 2 (Burnett 311)

Geoff Georgi, Kristen Hine, Adam Podlaskowski, Sebastian Ramirez, Jeffrey Watson

Continental (Burnett 102)

Colin Bodayle, James Filler, Martin Fitzgerald

Ethics (Burnett 209)

Donald Bruckner, Eugene Chislekno, Nathan Hanna, Carolyn Just, Brian McLean

History (Burnett 109)

Sophie Cole, Milo Crimi, Addison Ellis, Aaron Harper, Wes Siscoe

Keynote Address

Burnett 114, 1:00-2:15

(Yost Auditorium)

Daniel Selcer (Duquesne University)

“Cartesian Sound and Fury:On What Barely Is”

What lies at the border between something and nothing? The early modern category of the very (and even infinitely) small has been pursued to great effect, especially through engagement with observational technology and its associated visual analogies, on the one hand, and mathematical attempts to represent infinitesimal values, on the other. Yet accounts of what barely is were often inseparable general theories of matter, representation, and causation. This talk treats Descartes’s position on minimal being together with a series of critical responses by his contemporaries, showing how this nearly invisible struggle over the ‘not-nothing’ fits into broader early modern battles over the nature of bodies, ideas, and causes.

Session A

Burnett 103

2:30 H.G. Callaway (Temple University)

“How to Effectively Defend the King Dictum”

Comments: Eugene Chislenko (University of California, Berkeley and Temple University)

Chair: Donald Bruckner (Pennsylvania State University, New Kensington)

3:40 Eric Vogelstein (Duquesne University)

“Credentials for Moral Expertise”

Comments: Brian McLean (Ohio State University)

Chair: Robert Sharp (Muskingum University)

4:45 Timothy Hall (Oberlin College)

“Denials of Resources and Moral Explanation”

Comments: Robert Sharp (Muskingum University)

Chair: Robert Gall (West Liberty University)

Session B

Burnett 109

2:30 Jared Liebergen (University of Iowa)

“The Conservative’s Escape from the Circle”

Comments: Christopher Buford (University of Akron)

Chair: Michael P. Wolf (Washington and Jefferson College)

3:40 Marc Johansen (University of Arizona)

“How to Be a Humean About Non-Humean Dispositions”

Comments: Joseph Baltimore (West Virginia University)

Chair: Adam Podlaskowski (Fairmont State University)

4:45 Charles Goldhaber (University of Pittsburgh)

“Does Kant Try to Refute Humean Skepticism?”

Comments: Gregg Osborne (Washington and Jefferson College)

Chair: Andrew M. Winters (Slippery Rock University)

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